1/2 Ton Ratchet Lever Cable Hoist

1/2 Ton Ratchet Lever Cable Hoist

Little Mule ®

  • $ 23100
  • Save $ 7700

Ratchet Lever Cable Hoists by Little Mule

Engineered for Reliable Operation
    • Handle Designed for Overload Protection - Handle bends to warn of hazardous condition and prevent dangerous overload
    • Hooks with Latches - 360° swiveling hooks equipped with latches for positive load engagement
    • Positive Load Holding in All Environments - Double interlocking pawl mechanism assures one pawl is engaged at all times
    • Meets or exceeds minimum 4:1 design factor and all requirements of ASME/ANSI Standard B-30.21. All units tested at 125% of rated load

Portable and Durable
• Lightweight and Rugged - Special cast aluminum and zinc alloy housings
    • Heavy Duty Cable - Utilizes preformed and galvanized 7 x 19 (133 strand) extra flexible aircraft cable
    • Corrosion Resistant - All stainless steel springs and shafts
    • Reduced Wear - All rotating shafts are mounted on bronze bushings

Easy to Operate
  • Self-Storing Cable Drum - Provides compact operation
    • Easy Load Positioning - Utilizes a double pawl system with multiple pawl stops for precise load adjustment
    • Fast Cable Take-Up-Winding wheel provided for quick take-up or positioning of cable
    • Open Construction - Allows for easy cleaning and inspection

Special Model Features
  • 430CDPA equipped with oversized slip hooks - Ideal for opening and closing boxcar doors
    • Stainless Steel Cable Available - Suitable for marine environments

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