MaxX Series Magnetic Lifter (Max Capacity: 125 Kg / 275 lbs) - maxx-125

MaxX Series Magnetic Lifter (Max Capacity: 125 Kg / 275 lbs) - maxx-125


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MaxX Series Magnetic Lifters by Tecnomagnete 

The innovative technology concept and superior performance makes MaxX Series magnetic lifters the absolute best in the field of magnetic lifting of ferrous loads.  Power, compactness, safety, and reliability are the keys to the success of the full line of MaxX Series magnetic lifters all over the world.  MaxX lifters are the ideal solution for handling a large variety of work pieces - from flats to rounds, from finished to rough - safely with ease, due to it's ergonomic operation.  With our magnetic lifters, operating costs are near zero while efficiency and productivity are dramatically increased, and you can count on an extremely quick return on investment.  The compact size and low weight of our magnetic lifters optimize space and crane capacity.  A wide range of models are available with capacities from 125 Kg. (275 lbs) up to 2000 Kg. (4450 lbs) and with different versions for loads with regular and reduced thicknesses.

Streamlined Work Process
A single operator can handle the load which is always anchored and lifted from the top without deformation or damage with optimal use of the available work space, streamlining working process and improving safety conditions for men and equipment.

MaxX warns you of possible dangers
The high-energy developed by the permanent magnets and the high concentration of magnetic flux generated exclusively in the polar area, without flux dispersions, enable the operator to notice when the clamping conditions are not optimal.  In fact, in this case, the movement of the lever becomes irregular and quite difficult.  The operator will know to look for a more suitable positioning of the lifter, and will immediately notice a more fluid motion of the lever during the activation phase, and thus achieving safer operative conditions.

MaxX Series magnetic lifters are used all over the world in many industries, including:
    • tool and die makers
    • machinery builders
    • cutting and metal forming workshops
    • steel distribution centers
    • shipyards
    • foundries and steel plants
    • steel construction and fabrication
    • warehousing and transportation

Concentrated Power:
The ‘neutral crown’ circuit - basic patent of all Tecnomagnete products - allows the channeling of the magnetic flow through the polar area only - where the power is needed - ensuring a steady and optimal performance, with a total lack of magnetic dispersion that prevents undesired attraction from adjacent loads.

The cycles occur with the simple rotation of the lever, without effort. The only moving part, the rotor, has its fulcrum on ball bearings and doesn’t develop any physical contact during rotation.

Safe power:
High-energy permanent magnets ensure great concentrated and constant power for an indefinite period. The 1:3 safety factor of the recommended load to the testing force ensures optimal working conditions even with substantial operating air gaps.

Compact and Robust:
The incredible ratio between power and weight is given by the original double magnets circuit and by the very tight internal tolerances related to the mono block construction.

All available Tecnomagnete material handling equipment comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.


SKU maxx-125
Manufacturer Tecnomagnete
Manufacturer's Part Number maxx-125
Shipping Weight 10.00
Condition new
Model MaxX Series
Flat Load Capacity (Kg) 125 Kg
Flat Load Capacity (lbs) 275 lbs
Round Load Capacity (Kg) 50 Kg
Round Load Capacity (lbs) 110 lbs
Flat Load Minimum Thickness 0.79 in.
Round Load Minimum Thickness 0.39 in.
Load Max Thickness 39.3 in.

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