Radio Remote Control Kit, Saga K4 Series, 12-Button, 2-Speed, 2 TX

Radio Remote Control Kit, Saga K4 Series, 12-Button, 2-Speed, 2 TX


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 K4 Series Radio Remote Control

Transmitter Features

  • Antenna: Integrated/Internal
  • 3 stage low power indicator
  • Removable Key [For push button start, consult factory.]
  • Power consumption: Less than 28mA
  • Powered by four standard or rechargeable AA batteries

Please Note:  All transmitters will require the Serial Number for proper matching to receiver for programming.

*Default setting on Start/Alarm button is for the built-in alarm. Changing this setting or if Aux 1 is needed will disable the alarm output.

K Series radios will require Serial Number to be matched for easy out-of-the-box operation.

 Receiver Features

  • Integrated Horn/Alarm built into receiver
  • Visible external power indicator
  • Receiver has 2 meter (6 ft) pre-wired cable.
  • Receiver features F-Style Antenna connector for easy antenna extension.
  • Supply Voltages: DC: 12-24; AC: 24, 48, 110, and 220. 110V is the default. Please contact the Factory for part numbers for different supply voltages.

K4 Series Radio Kit - 110V*

The K1 Series Kit includes four (6) batteries, spare key, spare fuse kit, instruction manual, and a legend sheet for each transmitter. AC only.

Single speed, 12 button transmitter with E-stop, key switch, and On/Off. Up to 5 motion two speed control, with 2 to 7 programmable auxiliary outputs, alarm output, A/B output, mainline output, and light output.

 * Default Supply Voltage is 110V AC. Please contact factory for part numbers for different supply voltages: -

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