Saga L40 Series  Radio Remote Control Kit Dual Joystick, 5-Speed w/E-Stop, 2 TX

Saga L40 Series Radio Remote Control Kit Dual Joystick, 5-Speed w/E-Stop, 2 TX


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L40 Series "Belly Box" Radio Remote Control

The L40 Series is a “belly box” style transmitter unit with 5-speeds, dual joystick. Up to eight motions using A/B switches. FCC 310-320 Mhz AC models only.

 Transmitter specifications

  • Very light weight; 1.9 lb (0.86 kg) with batteries
  • Runs on 4 standard alkaline batteries
  • Very low power consumption ensures long battery life
  • Includes low power indicator
  • Modulation: FM
  • Internal Antenna
  • Jammed joystick detection
  • Shock resistant
  • 2 Selector Switches (A-Both-B or A-Off-B)
  • Optional toggle switches (replace selector switches)
  • 2 Dual Axis Joysticks (can be Gated)

Receiver specifications

  • Multiple supply voltages:  AC Type: 48/110, 110/220, plus or minus 10%, 50/60 Hz. (Default 48/110, 110 selected)
  • Independent common configuration for mixed control voltage applications
  • Power-on/mainline contact
  • LED display of power and contact closure status
  • Sensitivity: Approximately -105 dBm
  • Two pre-wired cables, each 6 feet long (1.83 m) cable
  • Control relay rating: 10A @125 VAC; 5A @ 250 VAC; 8A @ 30 VAC
  • 4-point shock mount designed for demanding mobile and industrial applications
  • 40 dynamically assigned relays
  • NEMA 4 (IP65)

Please Note:

All transmitters will require the Serial Number for proper matching to receiver for programming.  L Series radios will also need Channel Number 0-45 specified at time of order.

L40 Radio Kit

The L40 Series Kit includes four (4) batteries, spare key, spare fuse kit, instruction manual, and a legend sheet for each transmitter. AC only.

Dual joystick, 5 speed controls with E-stop, key switch, 2 selectors, and
two push buttons. Up to 8 motions through the use of A-B-Both switches.
2 programmable auxiliary outputs, mainline output, and light output. 2 transmitters.

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